Transportation Made Easy

Are you ready for your vacation? Bags are packed, tickets booked, itinerary set. There’s only one thing left…how are you getting to the airport or cruise terminal? And do you really want to pay that daily fee for the airport or cruise terminal parking and have to drag your bags to and from the car?

As a personal concierge service, we offer competitively-priced, fully insured transportation services. 

And our services are for more than just transportation to Florida airports and cruise terminals. We can take you or your loved ones to doctors appointments, special events where you don’t want to drive, and anywhere else you need to go.  And if you’re a Home-Watch client of ours, we give you a discount airport transportation.

With When & How Concierge Services, we make sure you get where you need to go in a clean, smoke-free vehicle so that you can relax…we’ll take care of it!


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