Mold in Unexpected Places

The presence of mold at home is not only unsightly; it can also cause respiratory problems. While you may be doing a good job at preventing mold in obvious places in your home such as the bathroom, there are certain areas that can become damp, where mold lurks and multiplies without you even knowing. These are areas in your home that should be checked regularly.

If your home is your part-time or vacation residence, our experienced home watch team regularly checks for evidence of mold in an effort to reduce it’s negative effects.

Some places where mold may occur are:

  1. Chimneys
  2. Refrigerator drip pans
  3. Front loading washing machines
  4. Window seals
  5. Dishwasher
  6. Ice maker connections
  7. Around hot water heaters
  8. Suitcases and shoes can become moldy if water has seeped around them

To check for mold, first do these 3 things:

  1. Conduct a thorough visual inspection of these areas, or have your experienced home watch team check for you. Itcan appear as a gray, white, brown, yellow, green or black discoloration on a surface.
  2. Mold gives off a distinct smell. You may have walked into a basement and detected a musty odor. This is a clue mold may be lurking.
  3. Have a mold sample tested by a specialist to see what type is in your home. Most molds are harmless, but you should be concerned about black mold, which can be toxic to humans.

It is recommended that you keep humidity levels below 55% and run the air conditioner for 10 minutes each day to keep air circulating if it is hot and humid outside. If you take the appropriate precautions, you should be able to avoid having a mold problem.

Use a professional and accredited home watch company like When and How Concierge Services, to make sure your home is taken care of when you are away.  When and How Concierge Services provides peace of mind to homeowners.


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