Home Watch Services

Short or long term, we provide the peace-of-mind you want knowing your home is being properly looked after in your absence. 

Our Home Watch checklist includes:


  • Review overall condition of exterior
  • Inspect for signs of mold or mildew
  • Inspect for signs of damage or vandalism
  • Ensure all windows, doors and screening are locked, secure and free of damage
  • Ensure storm shutters are properly installed
  • Pick up any papers or flyers in the yard
  • Clean up any trash and debris
  • Pick up mail
  • Make sure exterior lighting is functioning
  • Check pool and spa water levels and cleanliness
  • Check landscaping and lawncare for proper maintenance
  • Check A/C for proper operation
  • Ensure your outside service providers are doing their job
  • Ensure security system is functioning properly
  • Ensure garage door is functioning properly
  • Ensure water is turned off to house


  • Ensure doors and windows are locked
  • Check for signs of insects or pests
  • Check around sinks, toilets and hot water heater for signs of leaks or mildew
  • Flush toilets, and run water in sinks, showers and tubs
  • Check thermostat, humidistat and A/C
  • Ensure refrigerator/freezer is running properly
  • Look for any signs of water leaks in walls and ceilings
  • Check electric box to ensure breakers have not tripped
  • Check phones for dial tone and messages
  • Check smoke detectors
  • Water indoor plants if required

handmobie-revisedWe e-mail you a report with photos after each inspection.


2013-08-30-13-40-55Optional Home-Watch Services

  • Start and run vehicles
  • Wait for deliveries or service providers
  • Schedule, monitor and oversee repairs or renovations including reports and photos of the progress
  • Insure installation of storm shutters if required
  • Prepare your home for your departure and return
  • Transportation to/from airports

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